“ Manipulators “ - Russian trays
“ Manipulators “ - Russian trays
“ Manipulators “ - Russian trays

“ Manipulators “ - Russian trays

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Fast Blooming Russian Volume Lash Extensions.

Every lash techs secret weapon to manipulating time x manipulating technique x total texture; producing a Better Blink.
Lengths range 8-25mm. Diameter range .03-.07 Curls C-DD. Curls are much tighter to achieve Russian look.

Automatically Wispy and layered to perfection.

Lightweight, Matte-Jet Black, Dark, Bold, and fluffiest lash EVER. The sticky lash strip prevents the volume fans from separating at the base. This is absolutely great for beginners. The curl is durable and the texture is a delicate cotton resemblance.

*Bonus tip You are able to twist multiple of this lash with your 2 dominate fingers any way you’d like to manipulate the lash look you want. Your client must have healthy lashes to hold retention with thick base.

2 year retention and durability test: can be worn immediately in shower, swimming, sauna, spa, and with makeup without fully loosing it’s curl, fluffiness, and luster. Use with BBB maintenance products for better results.